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175 09:001 year ago

"And it's entire different from Christianity and Islam which of course means that it must be wrong."

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I held her foot with my right hand and began stroking her calf with my left. Caressing softly as he explored her body. There was a short silence, but, having gained momentum, Vanessa forged on into even more unchartered territory: Well, anyway. Of course I was excited for this having sleep overs all the time and just a brother since I only had Sisters.

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Akit 1 year ago
It was in jest anyway..
Mazurg 1 year ago
I know I ain't.
Vogal 1 year ago
The niv is a poor translation. They relied on the Aleph and B mss. 99% of the time. Those mss. disagreed with each other over 4000 x and were written in Classical Greek, not Koine. There is much more evidence to show that those are spurious and corrupted, but that is just enough to stay away from translations that used those. - shalom
Tubar 1 year ago
Agreed. The OP author started with a lie and continued from there.
Nikoshicage 1 year ago
Wonderful. Ask me if I really care if he is found innocent or guilty.
Fenrinris 1 year ago
I think if you cannot listen to different points of view, don't attend if
Akiran 1 year ago
Dad couldn't get approved a heart valve replacement until it got to a certain point of failure. So his health declined until the government decided it was dire enough. The wait killed him. Yeah, I buy that government healthcare works well. /sarc. Don't get me started on things like Autism.
Yogar 1 year ago
I didn't bother reading ypur reply. Mental masturbation.
Kegis 1 year ago
Ok? Either way I never mock the faith's of others. Don't judge people before you get to know them.
Fele 1 year ago
Did we get thrown back a month and a bit for April fools? This OP can't be serious.
Nikomi 1 year ago
And if anything, they take the most extreme viewpoints from the right and left to irritate the other side.
Zulukasa 1 year ago
100% wrong. Sorry.
Tusho 1 year ago
So -- you claim I don't have valid judgement where it comes to the Bible's errors, but do for the Gita, and Book of Mormon?
Sadal 1 year ago
Is she having sex with her coffee? Because, I'm not against that.
Mazuran 1 year ago
a hard enough kick will find the appropriate bits.
Telar 1 year ago
Overwhelming evidence indicates otherwise
Vokora 1 year ago
"I firmly believe that engaging in homosexual acts is sinful,"

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