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"To be honest, we have enough people to manage without the two of them. I am going to speak with them any way to let them know."

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Tujar 1 year ago
US Christians often go shopping for a church, and they do so because it is ultimately irrelevant? It sounds like you just want to assert the last point. And it is irrelevant because being a Christian is personal, meaning a personal commitment to God and to Jesus in terms of actions and integrity.
Kagadal 1 year ago
Another internet Rando who knows stuff, guys!
Sataxe 1 year ago
Lol yes, seriously! And while I'm perfectly aware there are man-children on this earth who can't do simple adult things for themselves, I'm peeved this seems to primarily be a woman's issue. Boys are told from a young age to be self reliant because the world doesn't owe them sht, but a lot of girls are still internalizing the message that there should always be someone else solving their problems for them.
Fell 1 year ago
So then you may find yourself standing with me if you truly belive that.
Zulutaxe 1 year ago
Not in this case. chetgunkle stated it as if this is an issue specifically with Trump supporters. Drizzt was clarifying this happens with any relatively popular candidate. Its a valid point. You just want dismiss it because we apparently can't discuss anyone but Trump.
Shalkis 1 year ago
AL. Perhaps the problem is that religion tends to be divisive and not unifying, it separates, isolates and insulates some self professed special, chosen and blessed people from the sinful, evil and godless people. Religions teach children that they are worthless sinners that need to believe that the rewards and punishments of the gods ?Conditional Love ? is superior to simply being true to oneself and ones own nature. The religious parents promote this to control the kids ,
Tulrajas 1 year ago
Romney's hoping for a job offer. Too late.
Najar 1 year ago
If the sin were specifically "having sex outside marriage while married" she'd be a sinner and you wouldn't.
Vudonos 1 year ago
A little further, Ezekiel 18:4, "Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die."
Shakaktilar 1 year ago
I believe we are headed for huge financial problems no matter what or who is elected. No matter what they say - neither D's or R's care to fix anything.
Vok 1 year ago
I'm not aware of any 'creationist' argument that complexity is the evidence of intelligent design. Creationist arguments are typically based on literal interpretations of the Bible. And intelligent design arguments do not rely solely on complexity. In fact, complexity is only used to rule out chance as a likely explanation.
Mozil 1 year ago
I do not meet 1 or 2. And I would never say my gods are right for anyone else or try to convert anyone. If you dont belive cool, you do you
Mooguzil 1 year ago
Not a bad thing. I admire her for the way she is
Bratilar 1 year ago
Ok but what if ancient cosmogony including Hebrew held that the universe itself sprang from primordial waters?
Nikohn 1 year ago
Somehow I knew you would deflect. Gotcha thinking ?
Mahn 1 year ago
Trust me, You don't.
Doushakar 1 year ago
Yes, but it would be funny for California officials to be barred from travelling to California...
Zolokinos 1 year ago
"He was killed weeks later"
Mikasar 1 year ago
I?m guessing Golden Corral is more your speed.
Meztik 1 year ago
God didn't write the bible, people did.
Mira 11 months ago
You provided a reference!. Oh, hahaha, hohoho, hee hee hee hee. A reference from a young earth creationist site. Really you are pulling my leg aren't you? You can't be serious, this is a joke, right.
Zulukora 11 months ago
but if you are speaking to someone who takes the bible literally, isn't that valid?
Salkree 11 months ago
Yeah, see, I'm sure she's very pretty. But still no. For men, sex is like pizza. Even when it's bad it's good. For women... let's just say I'll stick with chocolate.
Dilar 11 months ago
clearly it is safe to assume you are adept at not understanding logic
Mazubei 11 months ago
Your national motto.
Galmaran 11 months ago
Yeh, gag worthy for sure.
Doutaxe 11 months ago
How could a Man born without sin be tempted ? ?? ??
Misar 11 months ago
FWP......FWP...Fun with peanuts?
Tauhn 11 months ago
First: Oh look, we have found a martian on Mars.
Fenrilkree 10 months ago
They are pretty creative!
Tojazshura 10 months ago
Which put everything back to square one. And made getting a claim from the baker, remote. And I missed the facetious part. So sorry
Nezilkree 10 months ago
So when an egg is fertilized, that?s a baby? That?s all it takes?
Dukree 10 months ago
I won't dispute that fact. Following Jesus is very difficult. He is perfect &

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