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"We accepted an offer on our house on Sunday :)"

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Meztira 1 year ago
Nope. It is just an analogy to help us humans understand. It is no more magical that the chemistry that produces soap.
Shaktigul 1 year ago
Yes, and that 90% isn't exactly a melting pot is it? Japan is the same way...few to no foreigners or any group other than natives. Extremely low crime nice is that? But its no melting pot. So...its not anything to do with atheism. Trouble arises when you don't think alike bud.
Jular 1 year ago
You want to have your child caned? How do you know that it has something to do with their low crime rate? Most nations with one race of people and no religious addiction have low crime rates. Japan has a low crime rate. It is mostly atheist. Maybe we should try abolishing religion in this country. Especially since most of the criminals are Christians.
Doujar 1 year ago
You create 98% of
Fenrizahn 1 year ago
Ohhh I like the idea of an anonymous outing lol. Very clever idea to try and make it known to others in his life and industry, which he was clearly banking on me being powerless to do. I think I'll run that by Jake.
Milmaran 1 year ago
YEP ! ?? ?? ??
Arashit 1 year ago
Good morning, all. My name is Jodie. I have one tattoo, therefore I am "easy".
Vudorg 1 year ago
The Koran in essence is a demented rationalization for subjugation and mind enslavement of dhimmis. It is a kind of precursor to modern methods used by elite, fascist people-farmers, their stooges, and their farmees. As doctrine, it s fundamentally at odds with a Western Idea of soliciting agreement based on free spirited debate and respect for the personhood of others.
Grojind 1 year ago
No. Haters of our rights are libs.
Gatilar 1 year ago
I graciously answered your question and did not refuse. That is ANOTHER lie on your part.
Moogunos 1 year ago
When a person is judged for something that someone did thousands of years ago, it is not reasonable. And therefore also not logical.
Vugul 1 year ago
Do you have a site or something where I can see those stats?
Kegor 1 year ago
Sent to the Secret Service. Thanks.
Kigaktilar 1 year ago
Forced because there isn't a labor force large enough to legally be here.
Shakashicage 1 year ago
Wars cost more. :-)
Dair 1 year ago
Participation, intuition, and innate empathy.
Meztimuro 1 year ago
Upvoted for humor
Daigor 1 year ago
It?s just not most atheists that accept we are an evolved species.
Mikakree 1 year ago
The laughter is the nervous kind. Kinda like he realizes ?holy crap I just stepped into a big steaming pile, and he has no clue what he?s talking about in the face of rational facts.?
Akitaur 1 year ago
I've heard of kids with brutal forms of cancer asking for death instead of continued life with the agony of treatment.
Dagul 1 year ago
And I'm saying that the evidence for that is at best, extremely questionable and only credible if you start with the assumption that Jesus had to exist (a logical fallacy), especially since there are more reasonable reasons for it than there really was a Jesus besides the Latino guy who used to do my lawn.
Mezibei 1 year ago
Hitler is reported to have referenced the Armenian Massacres, asking who remembered them any more. Stalin did remove whole nationalities to "reservations," the Krim Tatars and the Jews. But removal and resettlement is not the same as wholesale killing. In remembering the four genocides, the first was Armenians, who were substantially different from the Turks and had begun to develop the concept of a separate nation. The Jews, who were much closer, often using the same language and same dress. The Cambodians were the third, and they killed each other purely on the basis of differences in education and cultural orientation, but same language and culture. And finally the Hutus and Tutsis, who hard an artificial grouping imposed on them mostly by the Belginas giving one group slightly more privileges but were the same people, speaking the same language, and all facing the same problems.
Shakanris 1 year ago
I love lairs. Dark and murky with just a hint of dragon.

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