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"Question 3 is about whether God cares that people believe in Jesus as a sacrifice. The way it seems is that God set up this preposterous and unnecessary chain of events just to test to see who actually believed it for no reason."

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Betty rang the bell another 4 times, hoping against hope she hadnat missed her ClotgedUnclothed too badly. ' I thought and went over different things in my mind until I found one I thought would work.

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Samuro 1 year ago
Thanks. I do think some exceptions had to be made though. Oh well, who is asking me anyway?
Mejas 1 year ago
Start with gay rights and gay marriage
Goltijind 1 year ago
They also believe the sky is blue and that rain falls from the clouds, you filthy liar. I have nothing more to say to you.
Net 1 year ago
how come all the special elections in the past few months have not gone well for that Red wave?
Banris 1 year ago
Well, if our time on this planet is finite, we'd better start living it up.
Zulkirg 1 year ago
His was an emotional response and wasn't really a truth claim to be scrutinized in the scientific lens. I would just take it easy on that guy and Mark it up to personality differences. Not that I don't agree with you.
JoJojin 1 year ago
It's an you ever have any original thoughts?
Tygojora 1 year ago
Read he Bible; you'll know, too.
Kazralkree 1 year ago
Don't expect republicans to address sentencing problems any time soon.
Mizil 1 year ago
Again, I absolutely, fundamentally disagree.
Zululkree 1 year ago
I don't follow what you're saying in your first sentence.
Vokinos 1 year ago
First step, take over all the finances. Second step. cut off all credit. Many of us have done exactly those two things. It works. Voice of experience!
Mora 1 year ago
The golden rule does not take into account the actions of others - "reciprocity" involves
Kigalabar 1 year ago
If it's of any value you have my sympathy. I'll charter the copter.
Gur 1 year ago
I took Welbutrin for about a month to aid myself in quitting smoking about 10 years ago. It aided me into not giving AF about anything.... sex, booze, smoking, arguing, eating.... nothing got me excited about anything. I wasn't depressed, confrontational, or suicidal, but I also wasn't motivated or happy. I was just, alive. It was weird.
Zusar 1 year ago
Huuummm. The Republicans control everything and the debt is ballooning. Why do Democrat Presidents seem to always clean up a Republican presidents fiscal mess?
Tygokasa 1 year ago
Yes we have already established that you support discrimination against identifiable groups

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