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354 12:1110 months ago

"Hmmm. ... perhaps but what do you mean by ?blank canvas ?? Methinks you have something here"

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She found a job out there, when she moved out to Bill's. do me proud.

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Samut 10 months ago
Even if he is cannibal and pedophile. He was a very well educated historian. His description of the Huns progress to Europe is strictly consistent with the Chinese sources.
Kilkree 10 months ago
Your rent sounds too much for me, and i know about Manhattan, but all boroughs are like that....The Bronx is usually cheaper but they keep building condos in my hood
Bralrajas 10 months ago
She needs a 24/7 weight watchers intervention squad much more.
Moogushura 9 months ago
A legacy that gets record low unemployment, a healthy growing economy, and more freedom to boot? Is that not what most pols want as a legacy?
Gazilkree 9 months ago
There are receptions for polygamous weddings. Same-sex marriage was not yet legal in Colorado when the couple in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case went to order their cake.
Samuzahn 9 months ago
MS13 known areas
Nikoshura 9 months ago
And changing it up once again....
Fekus 9 months ago
I guess that may be true, but I've never seen it. Or if I have, it was the judgemental ruling in my favor, lol
Kazuru 9 months ago
Yes. It's a question of influence. It's sad this is still relevant 20 years later:
Gataur 8 months ago
"I do not use to read only one book but many to cross-examine the sources. Why don't you do the same?"
Akishicage 8 months ago
He did NOT do so. But many women or men have YOU lusted for?

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