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"To remove the notion that a fetus represents a developing human life in the eyes of the law, is to set a dangerous precedent towards the devaluation of human life."

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Arashirn 1 year ago
So I need to look "just right"? Being an Ordained Minister wasn't enough? Please. Spare me the fallacious reasoning.
Zulkijin 1 year ago
(Sorry. The Jews also interpret it through the lens of the Talmud and the total destruction of the temple. It's not like they left it alone. Tanakh reconstructionists are a terrifying bunch.)
Gardazahn 1 year ago
No... verifiable if seeing if the results are as predicted. Falsifiable is seeing if the cause is as explained.
Gror 1 year ago
We would have gotten rid of Obamacare IF we weren't sabotaged by John McCain!
Vok 1 year ago
Ah ha ha . . Lowest unemployment, cleanest air and water (Walkerton ring a bell?) and best funding for hospitals! You have no idea how the real world works . Or how REAL money works! The biggest part of everyone's budget is our health.
Sajas 1 year ago
The economy depends on production, not consumption. Yours is the supply side fallacy.
Tojami 1 year ago
I have GPS now.
Nall 1 year ago
If you read the text, you'd know that the old laws still apply.
Arasida 1 year ago
They all have the 'my kid is special' mentality. It puts them in a position where they are ignorant to the reality. You often see the same thing with parents whose kids are habitual juvenile offenders... They often will blame the school, the friends, the friends parents, the store owner who called the police on their kid for stealing, etc. rather than owning up to the fact that their kid did wrong and properly holding them accountable as a good parent should.
Nejin 1 year ago
Not my horse. I am an independent.
Faek 1 year ago
You do realize that the capricious and random charging of tariffs is going to have unintended consequences including affecting jobs here and abroad, destabilizing industries and increasing costs to consumers...
Dukazahn 1 year ago
Yes you "responded" - but only with more of the same unqualified, evidence devoid denial.
Samuro 1 year ago
So much for your PC Super Majority / Majority talk. I'm second guessing your predictions about the Patriots and Tom's retirement now.
Yogore 1 year ago
So we setup this fantasy that we are morally superior so we can tear down and discredit those whose politics conflict with our own.
Mulmaran 1 year ago
Sorry, I don?t see the contradiction.
Faezahn 1 year ago
"We need you to bring it down to a 5."
Moogushicage 1 year ago
I don't give a rats ass what you want. You chimed in on the post I answered. I asked you to answer since the first guy couldn't. You still haven't. You seem to do a lot of dodging and weaving. Typical for a fundy.
Moogurn 1 year ago
You?re fine! lol Like I said I appreciated your perspective.
Meztibei 1 year ago
Just unproductive, make work jobs paid for by those in the private sector. The ratio of private & public sector workers has to be more than 3 to 1 (as it was under Sellinger's NDP for instance) as 3 workers can't afford to pay that 4th.
Togis 1 year ago
As for the Loving case, government prevented them from marrying. Not the local townspeople. Government should never have the right to dictate a course of action between individuals. Gays should not have been prevented from marrying, blacks and whites should not have been prevented from marrying--in my opinion.
Bagal 1 year ago
Skepticism is how science advances. But, and it's a YUGE but, that skepticism MUST be based on science. And that is where funny creationists lose.
Vomi 1 year ago
Learn to SPELL.
Kazijinn 11 months ago
I bought the best pair of hiking boots I've ever owned for $5 at a yard sale. Maybe it was $15. Anyway, they were a steal. Italian. I covered beaucoups miles over many years in them before they gave up the ghost. The girl who sold them to me told me they were her brother's and he owed her money. I always felt a little guilty about that. A little.
Malalkree 11 months ago
Osama from Londonistan is sticking his std-rotting nose into American business! The disgusting degenerate!
Yozshujin 11 months ago
I voted PC, genius. I still think DoFo is a tool.
Zulkis 11 months ago
We do not care what it means to you; we do not worship you. We care what it means to YHVH God, because we worship Him.
Nikozil 11 months ago
Actually, no one said any of that except you.
Yotaur 11 months ago
Ah, I was referencing the thing and not the theory. At least as best I could.
Gardataxe 10 months ago
My POV is that if one takes into consideration that if religions didn't demand for humans to be more than human in the first place, we humans would not have grounds upon which to judge each other. This whole dumbass issue wouldn't exist if people stuck to their own business and left others to theirs. Now I would have to point out that if baker was to come to me for eggs, I'd have the grounds to refuse because this bigoted aspect of Xtianity is offensive to me. And around and around it goes. Not a good way to build a unified community, IMO.
JoJojora 10 months ago
That doesn't change the fact that you don't have the nuts to call him a bitch to his face. Which is to be expected from cowards who hide behind computers.
Mill 10 months ago
Left the r off.
Nale 10 months ago
It is seen very clearly in the hominid species.
Zuluzuru 9 months ago
I disagree. He often times goes with insults, especially when someone gets the better of him in the discussion. Meh I don't care, it makes him feel better about himself. No biggie.

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