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"Of the canonical gospels, only Matthew has any credible claim to being an eyewitness, and many scholars would dispute that claim. The gospels don't have to be accurate to be evidence of Jesus' existence; they just have to exist themselves, as they evidently do. Mythicists explain this existence by calling them fanfiction and asking us to believe that at some point in the 2nd century, someone somehow turned this fanfiction into a religion. They can't really say who, when, how or why; they're just sure that whoever invented Christianity, it wasn't Jesus."

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"Hey I'm sorry I ignored you I just thought you were mad about the kiss. Abby was not really concerned with their relationship until now and decided that this week while her sister was at a college orientation retreat and she was spending the whole week with her father, she was going to get to the bottom of buth.

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Zululmaran 1 year ago
Follow-up on my earlier response - Thomas also is almost certainly later than Luke as well. There are hints of early Gnosticism in Thomas, which is a second century phenomena. This is one good reason for thinking Luke probably wasn't produced in the second century - the author of Luke/Acts shows no familiarity at all with Gnosticism, which makes perfect sense if he wrote in the first century, but makes less sense if he wrote in the second century.
Tojanos 1 year ago
No the bytch needs her restaurant egged with daily protests outside her shitty place.
Dabar 1 year ago
Not shoving anything your way and I don't understand why you believe I am doing such.
Mojas 1 year ago
Thumbs up Dude . .Have a good Weekend!
Kegul 1 year ago
Guess I need to go tell my friend that he's wrong because some guy on the internet with a masters degree says it's not possible regardless of what he sees.
Mazuk 1 year ago
No I did not. Christianity and the Church are not all Christians.
Zulukus 1 year ago
Sure, until someone or something turns up the heat. Stress brings out the real atheistic moral code.
Akiramar 1 year ago
Yes. Probably your problem with English again. I'm guessing you think evidence and proof are the same thing?
Gok 1 year ago
Trump only puts himself first. He hasn't done anything in office that doesn't benefit him first.
Kibar 1 year ago
Payback do the same thing to him.His lost the right to ever question you again!!!
Voodoobar 1 year ago
I think belief in verifiable evidence itself requires faith.
Yozshulkis 1 year ago
"Who can say the universe, or whatever it was before the Big Bang, didn't always exist?"
Grojind 1 year ago
so deal with that too.
Mushura 1 year ago
NO, they didn't decide on that aspect of the case, AFAIK -- this was only a decision about how the Colorado State Commission treated his case.
Mikami 1 year ago
Come the day she is 18 plus 1 day, it may well be purple with spikes so really dad is going to lose. He may lose big or he may try to keep some semblance of a relationship in future with his daughter. I know that sounds harsh but people remember ?small? things like this and it makes them confide in or turn to the other person less and less (because he ?always makes arguments anyway?).
Gardalmaran 1 year ago
Put them in aggressive training. The tenets of our police institutions throughout this country are sorely lacking. I want more community outreach to foster better relationships so they understand the communities they are protecting. I want some kind of fine for frivolous reports or like if you call the police x times to report non-issues [profiling and such], you get a tax increase lol. I want an external review body to assess incidents of misconduct so that we get out of officers protecting officers. I want more intense training that includes how to deescalate the situation versus escalating it.
Goltizragore 1 year ago
Mind quoting it?
Tesho 1 year ago
You are welcome to some of ours. I have had to cut my yard every six days for the past three or four weeks.
Dolkree 1 year ago
Let me repeat myself-
Tojabei 1 year ago
Lets make up for it by having sex with me in a sauna lol
Fenrikus 1 year ago
Ignore the attractive person and give all my attention to the one I love.

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