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""Foreigners know your history. That is why they stay shy of you. you are arrogant and disrespectful to them.""

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"Its almost closing time, I'm gonna go in the back and get some stock. It was something she had worn years ago when we first started dating. The experience of her genuine surprise as I revealed to her my explosive orgasm into her best friend's baby maker - a little sting mixed with a pinch of eroticism.

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I know this man somehow… can feel it in my inner soul that this is right. Though she had been in this house many times over the last six years, this afternoon was her first time in this room.

She refused to were any cloths in the house saying little grils have to be naked at all times to make their daddy horny, on that I couldn't dissagree. I would spit on her and then lick it up like some sick addict getting every drop of coke off the mirror.

------------------------ Matt woke up a few hours later with the feeling of his duvet on his back, warm flesh on his front, and his soft cock rubbing against something soft. There's an electric fan on the wall high above him and he uses it to reach the switch.

However, Leah had other plans as she began to pick up the pace. She came calling out his name.

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Mikazshura 1 year ago
He'll learn but he has to be trained to use his post. There's also a corrogated cardboard mat type of thing that our cat likes a lot.
Nak 1 year ago
fyi - you clearly have no concept of what the word hypocrisy means so I'd look it up before vomiting it onto the screen again.
Samudal 1 year ago
I bet that felt reeeeeaaaaaaalllllll good to say, didn't it? ;)
Gugul 1 year ago
It is true. God is not found in buildings or in books. To find him, one must simply "be still and know"
Araran 1 year ago
LOL "Yes, Mr. Uber driver take me to Ham Tracks please."
Doukasa 1 year ago
I find it a false dichotomy to imply one has to choose between anger and ignoring injustice/rudeness.
Dijar 11 months ago
You all made it seem like he was actively persecuting and imprisoning all religious people, as he was an atheist. Why was there no fear or reprisal?
Gazilkree 11 months ago
Well yes, but as I remember it, that didn't seem to be the way the story was inclined, if you know what I mean. It's like saying the moral of the Abraham/Isaac story was - 'don't listen to voices in your head telling you to kill your son', when it is basically saying the opposite.
Duktilar 11 months ago
Very true...probably a few unwashed dick beaters on the stall latch.
Madal 11 months ago
She brought up MS 13, how did you miss that, and mentioned Kate S who was murdered by an illegal with a criminal history, who had been deported many times. It's very clear he's talking about such animals as those that were brought up.

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