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"Well, I don't personally subscribe to that entirely. Jesus is part of the holy trinity, but His consciousness is separate from God's."


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Samucage 1 year ago
cool, could I see it? I can give you my email or FB if you wanna keep it private XD
Turg 1 year ago
Problem is if the awe inspiring Jehovah comes into your room and speaks and you feel the power and the love and the presence of this supreme person,very difficult to doubt after that for me.
Digami 1 year ago
Save yourself from this conversation. Go clean an gun and leave me alone...with my ignorance, as you call it.
Mezikus 1 year ago
What I am ok with is irrelevant. I am making a judgement on the likelihood of a religion actually being divine. If it is logically impossible, it isn't divine, and if it is error-ridden it is either not divine or the product of a God who makes errors. Admitting that you are fallible will not make me join your church, but it will help us all communicate from a base of intellectual honesty.
Kiganris 1 year ago
All you do is bring up the past.
Doran 1 year ago
My heart goes to you and your family..
Tygodal 1 year ago
She is apologizing for the word, not the message.
Akishakar 1 year ago
Should look at it the situation you describe, it's understandable that he didn't call.
Fekasa 1 year ago
Please explain what rule of logic it violates or what fallacies are being used.
Magul 1 year ago
You're giving far too much credit. This was nothing more than a publicity stunt and the ISA is too gullible to recognise it.
Bagami 1 year ago
No they won't.
Melabar 1 year ago
I know York burned first. I also know 1812 was Britians attempt to regain the colonies and America's attempt to take the rest of the British Colonies and free them from British tyranny. . And the natives on both sides got screwed. So?
Maurn 1 year ago
Oh, so you think that because it's in the boble it is not hate speech?
Nelabar 1 year ago
Legal Immigration based on merit is absolutely fine. Illegal Border Crossings on the other hand...
Morn 1 year ago
Because we are violent species and instinctively it is base behaviour for virtually any species of apes? Its the simplest of solutions applicable immediately?
Dotaxe 1 year ago
Wider exposure than her public post?

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