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"it's bad. i go to the NY metropolitan museum to see their Byzantine coin collection... yikes"

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Malashura 10 months ago
You asked me to tell you the difference and I have. I'm satisfied now.
Aralar 10 months ago
I'm not interested in your argument why should I be? I have self-knowledge and enjoy the fruits of that knowledge. I'm completely satisfied.
Migore 10 months ago
I knew I would rub off on you eventually! LMFAO!!!
Kagaktilar 10 months ago
What was the discussion about? I can't figure what this is about.
Bazil 10 months ago
So, no proof?
Arazragore 9 months ago
Was Genghis Khan the conqueror of Asia or a bisexual? Was James Buchanan a US President or a gay male? Was Charles Darwin an influential naturist or a straight male? The accomplishments of life are what matters. Careers, inventions, artistic creations, etc. Being gay is not an accomplishment.
Kirn 9 months ago
A rapist? Damn.... That's pretty damned low....
Yom 9 months ago
Following this logic, we come to conclusion that Islam is no longer capable of offering reliable guidance in the modern world - since there are no successful Islamic countries around for longer than a century at this point. Correct?
Golkree 9 months ago
Your phones don't contain government emails and messages. Your emails weren't subpoenaed. Don't be an idiot. Get a clue.
Nirn 9 months ago
Save that the very people who listen to idiots like Maxine Watters are the very people to engage in the following:
Ditilar 9 months ago
Nope. He upgrades everything.
Juzshura 8 months ago
"But going out of his way to leer or gawk? We're breaking up because I can't stand to be in a relationship with someone trashy enough act like that" agreed
Vibar 8 months ago
Nope.. don't touch at all. Who wants that ick all over them.
Malat 8 months ago
typical hypocritical republican bigots.
Goran 8 months ago
But.....but....but does this mean no more Swedish Bikini Team? Dayumm. The Swedish Burka Team just is not gonna have the same appeal, I think.
Zuktilar 8 months ago
I'm not your average Jay....
Fauzilkree 7 months ago
A typical piece of ignorant lefty hack nonsense! "The whole World"? What an uneducated statement......Do let us in on how the Chinese; Indians and the entire Continent of Africa view the incredibly thick lefty moron!
Samukazahn 7 months ago
Are you so feminized that you classify arguing in favor for boys issues ?vapid machismo??
Kit 7 months ago
What is a fundamentalist atheist?
Shakale 7 months ago
Totally need all closet door closed. Least the hell mouth open up inside it and creatures start crawling out at night.

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