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"Hahaha,,,,avoidance. It's ok, I understand. I have seen how the left acts when they see the hat. It is almost like catnip to a cat. They lose their damn minds...."

Sissy Training - Repeat After Me

The next time I was at his house he fucked my ass and it still felt amazing. "No mom, honestly" I said.

Sissy Training - Repeat After Me

" He took a bite of his waffle and a strip of bacon. just as love stories describe. We live in a small, relatively conservative community, but that doesn't stop Crystal from dressing attractively, sometimes in a very revealing fashion.

Riley got up to adjust the blanket he was sitting on and i saw his asshole and got an idea. Stepping outside the club the cool air hit her heightening her intoxication and she stumbled a little.

"Such a charmer aren't you?" she said then went quiet for a moment. I said oh really. "No.

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Grorisar 1 year ago
Ummmmm yeahhhhh I'm gooona Need a follow up report on that issue in blue font on color coded TPS coversheets... My office space impression... For the day...
Arasida 1 year ago
great on pizza
Nile 1 year ago
That fvcking c^#t fully deserved to be shoved aside. She's not even the leader of an official fvcking party!
Shaktishicage 1 year ago
We all pretty much agree on what's right and what's wrong. It's the loopholes, the exemptions, we quibble over.
Shakanos 1 year ago
So a fertilized egg isn't life until it implants, right?
Kalkree 1 year ago
Be a lot cooler if was displayed splattered all over the ground...
Vorn 1 year ago
No evidence at all.
Terr 1 year ago
At the moment, pending further information, God does not exist.
Yozshukazahn 1 year ago
Haha, I agree the thumbs always throw me off.
Arashim 1 year ago
i liked his style but he was a pill popping drug addict with his finger on the button and as bad a cheating husband as one could be.
Yozshular 1 year ago
Surely you can teach students about religion and mythology, though? From an academic perspective this would be ok?
Voodoojas 1 year ago
Embryos yes. Two of three triplets is totally different. You can morally deliberately kill an embryo. Even if there is no harm to a woman from an embryo or a fetus, neither is a person and doesn't have the same rights as the woman. As the fetus matures to the point where it is viable on its own, then it could be considered a person and the rights of each balance each other. If you draw the line for person good before that, then don't get an abortion if you don't want one. I don't see how an argument from harm works for a fetus. They are not harmed. They are not losing anything because they are not a he or she yet. What is the harm to them before 24 weeks? No pain, no memory, no awareness, no consciousness, no anything to be taken from them. You draw the line way before the woman's rights to self determination, privacy, or safety can even be challenged.
Zulugor 1 year ago
Religion has been encouraging the collision between the gullible with the unscrupulous since time immemorial.
Kajill 1 year ago
I would appreciate a discussion of the difference between "inspired" and "infallible" by a biblical Theologian
Zulkit 1 year ago
Depends. Not a soldier, for one thing. For another, military personnel are human beings, also, not some thing you can rant and rave at and expect to get away with it.
Yozshugal 1 year ago
This is you all day long:
Kazigal 1 year ago
And monkeys may well fly from my butt.
Tygot 1 year ago
To repeat myself , I read the chances of a baby being gay has something to do with changing hormones of the mother whilst pregnant, ?? ??
Tojagore 1 year ago
Really, do you believe that a God would speak to anyone and reveal to them some information? If a God actually 'told anyone' anything, it would be called interference in our freewill and that would be impossible to contemplate.
Akibei 1 year ago
Throwing a big ass bolder then hiding your hands doesn't exonerate one from responsibility of the damage it causes. What's really pathetic is that they believe that racist and bigoted behavior, and actions should just be accepted, and this would be a great America. Never again, Trump, or no Trump.
Nazshura 1 year ago
I realize that is what you, wrongly, think. I'm confident SCOTUS will continue to remove bad laws and more openly recognize rights for many more years and you will eventually see what I have stated made definitive. The only thing that will prevent it would be a mass loss of conservative jurists along with a Democrat controlled Senate and Presidency and that isn't happening in the foreseeable future.
Meztinris 1 year ago
Also tv was like wholesome and less tawdry
Fausar 1 year ago
Yeah, no. Fanny packs should just die. Even fancy ones made by Gucci.
Kajidal 1 year ago
Yes. The problem is geologist will be scratching their heads trying to figure what happened to all the evidences of recurring global disasters.
Dousar 1 year ago
Random weird thing I do: sometimes just to be contrary, I go to google and make it search for yahoos home page. Then I do the same to yahoo.
Kazigrel 1 year ago
What makes you think I'm excited?

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