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"Either everything is special, or nothing is special. I'm OK with both scenarios."

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Her fingernails and toenails were painted jet black to match, and her ensemble was completed by a pair of expensive Manolo Blahnik black pumps with pinpoint heels.

Jasmine's off to meet one of her old school friends. She struggled a little trying to get my head out of her pussy by pulling my hair but she lost her balance and fell back on the edge of the bed.

Kriss Kiss - Sloppy Blowjob Big Dick

Her heart hammered being so close. I grabbed them and let my fingers slide into her wet slit through her undies as she quivered a little and fell on to me. E pulled off his pants, then his shirt quickly and stepped back to admire his body. Whenever they would hug she could feel his semi-hard package brushing between her petite thighs.

I was filled with lust as my lips moved to her cute breasts. I hung her panties over the farmers' gate then jumped in with Alice.

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Vuk 1 year ago
I gave MH that was expired for three years to my daughter because she wanted to try coffee.,
Mekinos 1 year ago
So all you've got for "murder is wrong" is there's laws against it... with consequences?
Kitilar 1 year ago
Al Gore with his progressive Christian vision of morality and longstanding commitment to environmental responsibility and Science won the Nobel Prize, along with the UN IPCC, and the UN is the product of FD Roosevelt?s vision which he credits to Christian service. Supernature is based on the very unelaborated observation of the fact that Something Exists, and not Nothing. And nothing exists without a Creator Entity. Human beings didn?t invent the highest reality of intention and purpose, which all occurs within a predicated Existence of a Creator Entity.
Ketilar 1 year ago
Tell me more about your balls.
Arashirisar 1 year ago
Let me ask, do you think Camels and Horses and Deer came from the same ancestor? Or did God create a desert horse and a plains horse and a forest horse? If these 3 had a common ancestor, then what creatures that coexisted with the ancestor of these 3 had similar features that if you followed further back could link these 3 with lets say rhino?? What does the ancestor of a tapir look like? Do you think paleontology is akin to alchemy?
Julkree 1 year ago
Evolution is a lot like religion as well.
Kazraktilar 1 year ago
But doest recognize the gravity of their actions. If they did they would be adults. Do you let your 13 year old make decisions for you?
Mazut 1 year ago
"The human mind made it up by automatically ascribing a cause to every effect which is how we became a species of acquired knowledge. " - can you show proof for this claim?
Tojagrel 1 year ago
I'm sure you do. ; )
Kazigar 1 year ago
Again, you have two choices to believe Paul and his stupidity or not. He confessed his followers were idiots. But as long as they believed him they were A ok.
Megal 1 year ago
We tend to agree on some big things, but definitely not on everything and definitely not even all big things.
Kazirr 1 year ago
I am not so sure about this. And I won't claim I know everything about the topic. But I do know that black women are also targeted by the police and they are incarcerated at nearly double the rate of white women. I also know that there were many unarmed black women who were also being shot dead by police that we never heard about while we were beginning to hear the stories of black men who were shot by police unreasonably.
Gonris 1 year ago
They made it classy just by calling it classy LOL
Magor 1 year ago
Reason behind taking a life that is precious to God!
Kajikinos 1 year ago
no, false accusations are too much for me
Samum 1 year ago
Yes. We disagree.
Merr 1 year ago
Curry left 5 seconds on the clock so that he could let the Cavs experience missing one more shot before halftime.
Bajas 1 year ago
yes but there were only 59 arks found at the time
Fausida 1 year ago
Aristotle says a virtue is always balanced between two vices. So courage is balanced between foolhardiness and cowardice.
Gardanris 1 year ago
The wiki article mentioned philosophers, not scientists. Shall we chalk this up to another lie for you?
Kagagal 1 year ago
lol, fair enough!
Takus 1 year ago
I'm stating historical fact. Is it bigoted to say that blacks in America were second-class citizens for decades?
Nishura 1 year ago
I don't support child abuse...ever.
Golticage 1 year ago
Which means Paul would have known about Jesus if the Gospels are true. Which means they are false.
Masar 11 months ago
Mexican-Americans probably, but not the blue-eyed blond type. That sun will cook their skin to a crisp, they just want do it! A matter of fact I would rather hire immigrant labor as opposed to Americans as they just flat out work harder and don?t talk on those damn cell phones every five-seconds when they should be working.
Dill 11 months ago
It's too stupid to be patient, it wants things to bitch about to feed its TDS.
Jutilar 11 months ago
not that bad
Nisho 11 months ago
Have you bothered to look at our debt recently, and what we've got to show for it?
Zolokasa 11 months ago
Immediately to my mind came this image...
Dirg 11 months ago
No i don't care to set you straight.
Kazirr 11 months ago
oooh I'm so edgy I have to say all the things no one else will say! so edgy that I have to announce how edgy I'm about to be before I reveal my thoughts. The world isn't prepared for my edgy edginess. WATCH OUT!
Mazut 10 months ago
Going somewhere where only one side of the issue is allowed doesn't help the OP at all in anyway.

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