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Carol said no worried baby, I'll have you up. He was raised with a strong work ethic and this pride in the percentqge was what lead to the demise of his 18 year old childless and eventually loveless marriage with his former wife. "Oh come on. She climbs right out of the window and greets the officer with a smile.

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Which was abit extreme to Dan, gayy he left he looked behind him at his shadow, thinking "Its a shadow for fuck sake, a shadow.

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Zujar 1 year ago
Perhaps you should listen to them for a bit.
Kebar 1 year ago
LOL so who is the egotist?
Kasar 1 year ago
Gee, another nothing burger, Republicans should start a franchise:
Kigakasa 1 year ago
We aren't serfs. We aren't required to stay in any one place. You always have the choice to move to a better market. We always have the right to say "screw you" and go somewhere else. I didn't like the environment in Georgia while I lived there and I left. This is kind of a non-issue
Dairn 1 year ago
The science is the information we get from observing the evidence. How we interpret that information is always going to be skewed by world view. But to have a productive conversation, both must be willing to acknowledge the difference between the information and the interpretation. .
Gardazuru 1 year ago
It's only funny how you reason. Pro-life is about attaining life not about giving the child complete freedom to make all his choices after OR before that or not guiding his life. Right?
Malagrel 1 year ago
evolutionary it worth it?
Mazutaur 1 year ago
"Criticize is different than jumping to the all-caps rageahol though."
Voodoonris 1 year ago
You're going to be ok sweetie, hang in there...
Kazigul 1 year ago
Your implied point of the parable is narrowed down to virtuous life gets rewarded, and it does not matter when one starts living virtuously.
Fauzilkree 1 year ago
Why go to court when turning off the internet and an electric cattle prod would do?
Fenrigami 1 year ago
We were buying the series DVD's as they came out season by season! All my kids loved that show.
Nikom 1 year ago
Isn't that a little bit of Sophistry though. WBC does suck. But the statement "they are Christian as much as other Christians are" creates a false equivalency, or at least implies it.
Jurisar 1 year ago
Love as in loving like a brother or sister is fine.
Arataur 1 year ago
Yes every big family I HAVE SEEN
Vudolrajas 1 year ago
"using best available current evidence to form a moral opinion "
Teramar 1 year ago
Haha! I like my new title.
Nebar 1 year ago
It starts off with an insult and ends with one. Thank you and that should just about conclude todays date with my bad karma.
Nikazahn 1 year ago
To be sure you understand what you are talking about. Do you suggest that it is not possible to to discriminate a Chinese from a Black African by looking at their DNA? Yes/no would suffice for the answer. Avoiding irrelevant BS.
Maugar 1 year ago
Hmmm.... abort the child one dies
Nigar 1 year ago
That makes sense. Those lying menz sticking together.
Braktilar 1 year ago
No one will attack me....
Kigahn 1 year ago
Fingers crossed. For someone I've never met, I do dislike the man.
Guktilar 1 year ago
oh Goodie NO politics, so this is where I can ask you and Zangie to gather your fellow inmates and head over to Banned Camp to vote for your favorite SNOWFLAKE!
Malagul 1 year ago
again. we were discussing nurses being layed off.
Tukinos 1 year ago
Trump doesn't need to read crap if it is over 140 characters in length, and all he needs is to listen to experts on any subject for 3 - 5 minutes before he can devise a solution to any problem. It is because he has the best genes and great brain, the type of which only a stable genius like he has.
Kigami 1 year ago
Eh? What Machiavellian meme are you quoting? The GDP broke the 3% barrier which Obama failed to hurdle in the first six months under Trump. It is now over 4%. Peddling lies to prove a point is proving nothing.
Sham 1 year ago
IKR? Gender do they even know with which gender the child will identify. (yes, this is sarcasm).
Grokinos 1 year ago
Name one and while you are at it, what about the Mother Goose fairy tales that atheists are required to believe. You are most likely a dahhhtheist because I doubt if you could actually name them.
Shaktijas 1 year ago
Uncle Screwtape was an invention of C.S. Lewis, who was a religious nut. You can figger it out from there.
Kazisar 1 year ago
I don't plan on it. I think we'll do well.
Tanris 1 year ago
but dumb people can not be dumb all the time, and rational people can not be rational all the time...

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