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"Well, one of those groups from the "other direction" happens to be Islam... Yes, Muslims here in America are putting on a good show of being meek, mild mannered, and peace loving, but that is only because they are a minority... Given time, in other words when they achieve a majority in an area, that will more than likely change."

If I did this I would be arrested but shes hot so she gets a pass *sarcasm

"Now look boy you ARE going to get 20 smacks but the problem is I wont know till I'm at 20 unless you be a good boy and count for me" Tom said as he continually spanked him harder and harder.

" "Maybe he thought you needed a break from each other.

If I did this I would be arrested but shes hot so she gets a pass *sarcasm

My psycho little gril slut. A billionaire many times over, Jim had no need to make any more money, but he had a sixth sense for opportunities in the business world, and when the entrepreneurial spirit hit him, he couldnat resist taking the plunge into a new and interesting venture.

but Iave just got to be running along now, yaall do understand, sir?a she said in her best fake southern accent. John couldn't take his eyes off the picture, that is until another one popped up on his screen.

She reached down, grabbed the sponge and said, "We don't have time for that. Now what happened next even surprised Tom but he demanded to find out when the waiter finished and was delighted to find out it was in under an hours time.

E peeled his underwear off, so that his long, hard and thick cock was right in front of her mouth. She didn't like it but couldn't really resist me now. I licked my way from pucker to Clitoris, I sucked her outer lips and I sucked her inner lips.

Her black hair, with streaks of red, fell just below her shoulders.

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Melrajas 1 year ago
I'm not ok with this nor the fact that students had cell phones in class.
Kelmaran 1 year ago
After spending my whole career looking at other people's financial transactions I can assure you they hold no interest to me now
Shakticage 1 year ago
Well at least we got Scott Pruitt out of the deal. So much winning.
Daikasa 1 year ago
Sure there?s a lot of truth in that. Hoping for a Ford surprise.
Gogis 1 year ago
You don't need Christianity to be moral. You can do the right thing without the fear of eternal punishment. For Christians who believe that if they were shown that there is no god, they would become murders, rapists and thieves: You are NOT moral people. You do the right thing for your own perceived benefit in the afterlife. That makes you selfish and far more evil than the atheists you think you are better than.
Gulrajas 1 year ago
Indeed, no. Personhood involves higher brain functions, which do not develop until the late second trimester. Prior to that, a zygote or fetus has as much humanity and personhood as a neoplasm. Asserting otherwise demonstrates your own difficulty with anatomy/physiology.
Mara 1 year ago
Yes, I am.
Kazil 1 year ago
I am saying it, my religion decided my position
Mezizahn 1 year ago
I'm with you: I think it's more sensible to tax consumption than work or investment.
Meztishura 1 year ago
I am not surprised you would go to such a far Left site. It fits.
Nikogrel 1 year ago
Grojas 1 year ago
Move somewhere else. penny pinch. Shack up with a friend. Get two jobs...put off having sex for a bit.
Grozahn 1 year ago
When some of your highest advisors base their world view on The Fourth Turning, you'll understand why they want everything to burn a crash.
Mogore 1 year ago
As always, fascinating to see which stories Trumpists react to with ?not true? and which they react to with ?who cares.?
Goltirisar 1 year ago
Big, huge maybe.

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