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"Not really. There are verses that talk about being persistent and persevering in prayer, but even these do not suggest that your prayer can somehow control God or cause Him to be obligated in some way."

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Kigak 1 year ago
Several of the people claimed to be Jesus's disciples where rich and could have afforded scribes or would have themselves been literate.
Gokus 1 year ago
It's the DG effect.
Tecage 1 year ago
The only difference between a religion and a cult is its popularity in a culture.
Zolosar 1 year ago
"Buddhism is like other religions"
Kadal 1 year ago
pride that when the blm'ers and the rump rangers demand heterosexuals pay for they're gay month of frolicking in public?
Maujar 11 months ago
Now there?s an assertion worthy of an OP! Off hand, I?m used to thinking in terms of the practical steps of raising awareness about the needs for social justice, the availability of spiritual practices, and how that works in my daily life. The fact that Sustainability Science and Policy has identified serious overshoot in Ecosystems and Climate Change does not bode well for the notion that God created the Laws of Nature/Physics and they will haunt world industrial society.
Fausho 11 months ago
I think, as Mary probably thought, that Jesus was gay. What Jewish mother wouldn't think her thirty-year-old unmarried son wasn't gay hanging out with twelve other guys every night? We never hear about the disciples' wives. At least there should've been a verse where Peter tells the messiah that he cannot go to Jerusalem with him because his wife is upset he's out with the guys all the time.
Tushakar 11 months ago
if you require intelligence too the odds plummet even lower
Kigajind 11 months ago
Incorrect. We evolved that way. Humans are social animals - and any social animal requires the society to be structured.
Shaktilar 11 months ago
That's definitely a possibility. Let's say it's true. So what? He was a teacher for three of his 33 years. What about the other 30? How much do you know about the man and the teen and the boy? Was he really born of a virgin or just naturally? We have only the story. When he died, was he really crucified? Did that punishment really fit the crime that he died for based on known facts about the death penalties of the time? Did he really come back afterwards? That has to be pure fiction.
Akikazahn 10 months ago
It's funny how the pendulum has swung on this topic anyway. Used to be widely accepted that women couldn't enjoy casual sex (or sex at all) or that they were so emotional about it that an orgasm during a rape signified consent. Now, no one wants to believe women who do require a lot of emotional work during sex and/or are less sensitive to physical simulation lol.
Gajind 10 months ago
Sorry but I do not believe that. People like Ben Carson are a good example of that being false. The American Dream is alive for all of us. But no one just has it handed to them. If they do they will often blow it. Hard work and stick to it attitude is what will get you things in life, not your skin color.
Akisho 10 months ago
OK, thank you. So there is some wiggle room, but essentially a will is the result, or maybe more accurate, a function, of stored underlying components, which on their turn, have been gradually built and shaped during one's life, earlier on. Is this still in line with what you mean?

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