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"Check out the theory of evolution."

Shocked step mom wants to talk to step son about porn and masturbation

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Shocked step mom wants to talk to step son about porn and masturbation

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Gardaran 1 year ago
As long as his opponent doesn't hire people with close ties to Russian intelligence, should be no problem.
Vujar 1 year ago
Those are called Porgs :P
Mikataxe 1 year ago
Personal whim is the same as random.
Daile 1 year ago
It's the same as far as I'm concerned. I just want it out of government, that's all.
JoJotilar 1 year ago
That looks like the work of Congress. Maybe he signed their bills but I bet he didn't read them.
Kigabei 11 months ago
Making a holy cow of Islam is irrational.
Jubar 11 months ago
nothing at all is best.
Gardarr 11 months ago
I think it's better than marmite!
Sasida 11 months ago
Yep. I know. But you will get Spiritual eyes. Then you will see that a Father is a Father because He has Children. And if the Children is the Children of a God then the Children is Gods too. Only thing is that Children struggle to understand themselves when they are still Babies. They need to find themselves in the Truth of these Words. It does take some time. And then there are many speaking with a lack of Truth and also adding to the confusion. But the Truth will eventually break through. We believe it is about time now.
Yosho 10 months ago
It actually get's funding both ways.
Sajin 10 months ago
According to that logic, every other god defined the standards they are to be described by, and set them down through man's writing. Every god. Through all pantheons.
Vudogul 10 months ago
What about my mind?
Arashikasa 10 months ago
I'm just glad I have zero debt and money. I'm really pretty terrified of what might be coming at us.
Kazigor 9 months ago
I realize I misspoke a little on my Scrabble analogy: I don't mean to claim the analogy shows evolution to be impossible, just that it shows that it *might* be impossible. It shows that natural selection is actually a burden, that requiring each sequential mutation to confer an advantage, or at least not negate the advantage of previous mutations, actually make the probabilities extremely small, or even flat out impossible.
Neshura 9 months ago
If you say so....
Nishakar 9 months ago
Ok. Still doesn't dispute the point that Antifa are also fascists.
Samubar 9 months ago
I understand English quite well. I am not deliberately ignoring anything. Your comments seem to be a complete non-sequitur from what I wrote.
Nenris 8 months ago
Gretchen. Maxine is your champion. Please let her know that she needs to keep up her tirades...
Dorn 8 months ago
1) You are here to learn to kill shit, not save kittens.
Tashicage 8 months ago
Just as an aside, this whole thread makes it pretty clear that we haven't figured out homosexual marriage yet. :-)
Kazrazragore 8 months ago
Accepting that something is not nothing is major progress, son.
Grozil 8 months ago
Running workers out of restaurants makes one an asshole.
Kazinris 7 months ago
If they are still a minor under my roof and I am in charge of raising and training them, paying for their haircuts, hair care products, clothing, etc. then I DO get a say in their appearance.
Goltigore 7 months ago
bc it's gross lol
Fenrim 7 months ago
RA1. I am not religious I am not sure why you are claiming that I am.
Necage 7 months ago
How does that violate any policy in DISQUS? It was a picture of an actual billboard.
Gagami 7 months ago
I think his sentence was consistent with law. There have been cases of aggravated assault on pregnant women where murder convictions were upheld for killing the unborn child.
Zulular 7 months ago
There are theists actively promoting their religious beliefs into legislation and other public institutions - with some success - is why.
Shaktikasa 6 months ago
As it stands, the text does seem absurd. As do others, such as Exodus 4:24 -
Dilmaran 6 months ago
Rocks are inanimate. The idea that they engender strong emotion is what crazy as bitches smoking crack think.
Malasho 6 months ago
Aeschylus: No one learns but half of the truth when he listens to only one side of the two.
Tygogul 6 months ago
I mean marriage as a whole is on the decline
Goltir 6 months ago
If I misunderstood you let me know.
Telkree 6 months ago
...and Stormy is ?

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